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A must read for anyone who wonders what will happen to that vacant parcel down the street…

 The existing 2025 General Plan, adopted in 2002, anticipated a population capacity of 790,000 by the year 2025, whereas the General Plan Update anticipates a more conservative growth of 771,000 by the year 2035. Four alternatives were explored which differed in the type, density, mix and location of future growth. The City Council endorsed Alternative A with modifications, which focused on rebuilding the primary corridors as a series of neighborhood and regional mixed-use centers surrounded by higher density housing; with roughly half of future housing within the City Limits and the remainder in growth areas on the urban edge.  If approved by the City Council, the draft General Plan would change the land use designation of approximately 9,500 parcels within the City’s current Sphere of Influence (SOI). The General Plan designates land uses for all properties within its SOI, even though some land may not be currently within the City Limits. (Sunnyside whose boundaries are Temperance/Peach/Jensen and Kings Canyon is within the SOI).


The Southeast Development Area (SEDA), formerly designated SEGA contains approximately 9,000 acres and was designated as a Growth Area in the 2025 General Plan. SEGA was approved in 2006 by the Local Agency Formation commission  (LAFCO) for incorporation into the City with a number of provisions that included preparation of Specific Plans and associated environmental assessment documents prior to any annexation of land to the City could be approved. Neither the Specific Plan nor supporting environmental analysis was completed. These areas will require additional planning, such as a Specific Plan and/or concept planning over the build-out of SEDA in conformance with the City-County Memorandum of Understanding for development of this area.


Two new land designations will be applied to numerous parcels identified as infill and along transit corridors. The Corridor Center/Mixed Use designation is intended to allow for horizontal and vertical mixed-use development in multiple story buildings along key circulation corridors where height and density can be easily accommodated. Residential densities range between 16-30 units per acre, with a minimum of 40 percent residential uses, in buildings up to three stories high. Allowed commercial uses have not been defined, as the update to the Development Code has not been completed. Ventura Avenue-Kings Canyon Road has been identified as a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Corridor. This corridor is envisioned to be developed in the future with areas of multi-family housing facing directly on the street and retail centers integrated with housing at the one-mile and half-mile intersections.  Parcels located along Kings Canyon Road, at Peach, Minnewawa and Clovis Avenues, have been designated for Corridor Center/Mixed Use. The southwest corner of Kings Canyon and Minnewawa carries a dual designation, which would instead allow the City to purchase the land for a community park, if a revenue source is found.


The second new land use designation in the General Plan Update is Urban Neighborhood Residentialwhich will require multi-family dwellings but could allow for a mix of housing types including single family if the 16-30 unit per acre density is met. The land use designation for the parcel on the northeast corner of Butler at Villa has been changed from medium and medium low residential to Urban Neighborhood Residential. Parcels at Jensen and Fowler and Church Avenue between Sunnyside and Armstrong also carry this new land use designation.


The Neighborhood Mixed-Use designation, also new to this plan, would provide mixed-use districts of local-serving pedestrian-orientated commercial development, such as convenience shopping and professional offices in two-to three story buildings. Development is expected to include ground-floor neighborhood retail uses and upper-level housing or offices with a mix of small lot single-family houses, townhomes, and multi-family dwelling units. Residential densities range between 12 and 16 units per acre with a minimum of 50 percent residential uses. Automobile-orientated uses are not permitted. This land use designation will apply to parcels north and south of California Avenue at Clovis Avenue.


Clovis Avenue-State Route 180/Belmont Corridor is envisioned as an extension of Ventura Avenue-Kings Canyon road Corridor and BRT system up Clovis Avenue to State Route 180 interchange area. The intent of this corridor is to promote mixed-Use, transit orientated development surrounding the planned Fancher Creek Town Center, which is to be located at the intersection of Clovis Avenue and Tulare Street. It is envisioned as an area of highly integrated residential uses with a variety of densities and types designed in and around a regional activity and commercial center.

The updated version of the General Plan Update, released on November 25th, is available online at  Hard copies of the Plan are available to view at the library and City Hall. The Fresno General Plan Land Use Diagram can be viewed as Figure LU-1.

Want to comment?

The Planning Commission will be discussing the General Plan Update and related Environmental Impact Report on Monday, December 8th, at 6 PM in the City Council Chambers. The City Council is scheduled to hear the item on Thursday, December 11th, at 5 PM at the New Exhibit Hall.

Written comments should be sent to: Jennifer Clark, AICP, Director Development and Resource Management Department, 2600 Fresno Street, Room 3065, Fresno, CA 93721. For additional information, contact Planning Manager, Arnoldo Rodriguez at or 559-621-8172.
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