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Citizens Patrol

The SUNNYSIDE CITIZENS PATROL is a volunteer organization focused on maintaining the peace and tranquility of the Sunnyside area. One of the most successful neighborhood watch groups in the San Joaquin Valley, the Sunnyside Citizens Patrol started in June 1997. The group’s success is built on a close working relationship with the Fresno County Sheriffs Department and the support of the Sunnyside residents. Two-person teams can be seen driving their vehicle with a large magnetic star and signs spelling out Sunnyside Citizens Patrol on any given day of the week–morning, noon or night.

Board Members 2013-2014

President                Frank Korkmazian

Scheduler               Debbie Christian

Equipment Box    Frank and Gayane Korkmazian

Trainer                    Fritz Mlekusch

Secretary                Gayane Korkmazian

Membership          Ron Johnson

Volunteering and Responsibilities

The Sunnyside Citizens Patrol always welcomes volunteers. Potential volunteers are required to fill out an application, which is reviewed by the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department. Once cleared, volunteers will meet with patrol trainer, Fritz Mlekusch to learn the proper protocol for patrolling the Sunnyside Community.

Two member teams start their patrol by calling in to the Sheriff’s Department and giving them their Sunnyside Citizens Patrol ID number. Patrollers then drive the Sunnyside neighborhood for approximately 2 hours observing and reporting any unusual activity to the Sheriff’s dispatch. The patrol area includes the following boundaries:


West – Minnewawa

South – Jensen

East – Temperance

North – Kings Canyon 


For more information about volunteering, contact: Frank Korkmazian – 255-5803 

Currently, there are 40 Sunnyside residents that dedicate their time to the citizens’ patrol–making the community safer for their neighbors!


To support the Sunnyside Citizens Patrol, tax deducible donations can be sent to:


Sunnyside Citizens Patrol

c/o SPOA
PO Box 8096
Fresno CA 93747
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P.O. Box 8096
Fresno, CA 93747-8096
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